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Primrose VR democratizes access to what experts and enthusiasts alike are calling "The Last Medium", aka Virtual Reality. Smartphones changed the world by providing people with constant access to applications that fit their on-the-go lifestyle, untethered from their desks. Virtual Reality will change the world by providing people with constant access to natural-feeling, face-to-face collaboration with anyone in the world.

The Primrose Framework helps web developers create virtual reality experiences within standard web browsers on desktop and mobile devices alike. Through its common interaction space, design tools, interface objects, and user experience best-practices, users and developers collaborate to create interactive multimedia and productivity applications.

Primrose is free, open source software (GPLv3) and may readily be with other FOSS projects.


What is WebVR?

WebVR enables web browsers to display content on virtual reality devices like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or smartphones with Google Cardboard. With WebVR, developers can create immersive virtual reality experiences that run in any WebGL-enabled browser.

Additional Resources

Get started using Primrose WebVR Framework v0.24.1

Getting up and running with Primrose is quick and easy.

Download the Quick Start template
A 782.1KB ZIP file to get you started quickly.

Download Primrose.min.js, v0.24.1
Only 213.9KB, that's less than most JPEGs.

Download PrimroseDependencies.min.js, v0.24.1
Mostly Three.js, 684.0KB, prepackaged to cache separately from Primrose.

Get the Source Code
GitHub repository

The Primrose VR Team

We provide principal software engineering resources to construct the Primrose Framework, training and support programs for third party developers using the Primrose Framework, and consulting services for organizations wishing to join the Metaverse.

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    Sean T. McBeth

    He who is named Destroyer of Bug Lists, Holder of The Accursed Scepter of JavaScript, Lord of The Desk, First of His Name. Literal, card-carrying member of the ACLU.

    Sean studied Computer Science and Computer Graphics at Shippensburg University and has put those skills to use over his 15 years of experience in software engineering. In his varied career in software consulting he successfully bootstrapped and deployed multiple database applications for desktop and web covering workforce automation, data analytics, IoT, GIS, numeric and 3D simulation, and machine vision. He is now CEO and Chief Architect at Primrose VR, building productive virtual reality workspaces.

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    Are you a designer, programmer, system administrator, writer, artist, marketer, or just a person who likes making things? Would you like to work on an exciting technology project? We're looking for collaborators on Primrose.

    There's room for anyone of any background on Primrose, even if you are not sure exactly how you might contribute. If you'd like to join the project: